Florere Natural Deodorant

Florere Aluminum Free Deodorant

“The skin is the body’s largest organ and it can absorb what we put on it, just like we digest nutrients from the food that we eat. We need to look at the products we put on our skin just like the food we put on our plate. Eliminating every toxin possible that we ingest and put on our skin is the best thing we can do to help keep ourselves healthy and strong.” – Cynthia, Founder – Florere, Inc.

Florere is one unique and effective natural deodorant. Since 2006. #DoYourBodyGood



Florere is an original – a natural deodorant made from the highest quality natural and organic ingredients to fight sweat, perspiration, and body odor with amazing results, all without risky chemicals and toxic ingredients.  This innovative, patented deodorant formula uses a unique combination of shea and cocoa butters, microfine powders to help absorb wetness, and essential oils to support the body’s natural functions and provide a fresh, long-lasting, odor-fighting experience. The subtle scent of lavender and sage fades away after a few minutes on the skin – but the odor protection lasts all day.

Originally formulated for cancer survivors, Florere is a natural deodorant solution for everyone. A natural deodorant that really works and puts your health first.

  • Luxuriously moisturizing, skin-loving texture
  • Gluten-Free, aluminum-Free, non-GMO, cruelty-free
  • Goes on clear with no white residue
  • Subtle unisex scent fades away after a few minutes on the skin
  • Long lasting odor protection
  • One hard working formula, available in two convenient applications: a cream and a stick


Our mission is and always will be to provide a unique and naturally effective deodorant and to #DoYourBodyGood by empowering people to live kinder, healthier and happier lives.

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