Florere – The Natural Deodorant Company


Florere is a safe, effective natural deodorant for you and your loved ones.

One unique, non-toxic deodorant formula for the one product that simply has to work, each and every time.

Florere deodorant is formulated without: aluminum, parabens, GMO’s, gluten, phthalates, or artificial anything.

It goes on clear with a soothing, healing and skin loving texture.  Our shea butter and cocoa butter based vegan deodorant neutralizes odor at the source naturally so you don’t stink.

One simply unique hard-working formula, available in two convenient applications: a cream and a stick.

One subtle, unique scent which fades away after a few minutes on the skin, but the odor protection lasts and lasts.

Florere (pronounced ‘flow-rare’) – from the Latin verb, meaning ‘to bloom, or flourish, like a flower.

The original natural deodorant company since 2006.  #DoGood